Rail Projects

Northwest Rapid Transit - Programming Services
Client: Northwest Rapid Transit - Infrastructure Joint Venture

Sydney Metro Northwest is the first stage of Sydney Metro - Australia's biggest public transport project and a priority infrastructure investment for the NSW Government. blueVisions is part of the Project Controls team that assisted the team to develop and monitor a complex interlinks programme. blueVisions works closely with Engineers, Project Managers and the other Joint Venture to develop detailed and integrated programme which are adjusted and monitored on weekly basis. These programs are then used to monitor various significant client and contract milestones.

Provision of services for Independent Certification of Newcastle Light Rail
Client: SMEC Australia

The Newcastle Light Rail project is an important and exciting project for the City of Newcastle. It is a crucial part of the revitalisation of the Newcastle City Centre providing the travelling public with a fast and efficient service to access all areas of the inner-city area. BlueVisions role in the project is to provide leadership and knowledge to the Independent Certifier's Team on the project and to provide the required certification of the design and construction of the Works. The Independent Certifier is to act independently of the Principal and the Managing Contractor in the certification of the project Works.

Heritage Projects - Transport Access
Client: Transport for NSW

The $2b Transport Access Program is an initiative to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure. The above programs consist of 100s of projects. Each required separate planning approvals including consultation with NSW Heritage Division and the NSW Heritage Council. blueVisions provided advice and management for approvals made under NSW Heritage Act, archaeological testing and excavation, management of Conditions of Approval and heritage compliance matters, program-wide heritage SME resource procurement and site specific Heritage Conservation Management Plans and operational requirements.

Perth to Mandura Rail Link
Client: Rail Link Joint Venture

Project Description
RLJV - Rail Link Joint Venture between John Holland (65%), Macmahon Holdings (25%) & Multiplex (10%), and major sub-contractor O'Donnell Griffin was the construction of a new 70km southern railway line from Perth City to Mandurah, including 70km of double track and signalling and communications systems between Perth and Mandurah.

TSU A-Sets Infrastructure Upgrade
Client: RailCorp's Traction Supply Upgrade Division

As part of the rollout of the new A-Sets train fleet, RailCorp's Traction Supply Upgrade division (together with NovoRail joint venture) is upgrading substations, feeder stations and overhead wiring across the Sydney rail network to provide the additional power capacity required to run the new A-Sets trains. blueVisions was commissioned to develop the master project schedule for all phases of the project and provide on-going support and training to Project Manager an Engineers in project time management.

Upper Hunter Rail Alliance
Client: Leighton Contractors

The Upper Hunter Rail Alliance formed in 2009 to plan and construct a number of rail projects in the Hunter Valley. Trains operating on the Hunter Valley rail network play an important role in transporting passengers and freight. To ensure future network capacity, and maximise the benefits of other projects currently in planning, ARTC has begun a program of works to reduce current network constraints. The program consists of various project sites within the Hunter Valley region which includes upgrade and new works covering the sites. blueVisions provided detailed planning services specifically developing the detailed design, planning and pre-construction elements covering the entire program of works. blueVisions senior planning engineer worked closely with the Alliance team developing the programme to achieve the client's requirements and ensure stakeholder involvement and buy-in.

Power Supply Upgrade Program
Client: Transport for NSW

The Power Supply Upgrade Program is designed to ensure Sydney's rail network is able to meet expected power requirements to support future timetables and new generations of air conditioned fleet (e.g. the Waratah trains). The program involves construction of new electrical infrastructure and upgrades to substations, section huts, overhead wiring and feeders across the network. The program includes Traction Supply Upgrade (TSU) Waratah Program, Central Station Power Upgrade, Signal Power Supply Upgrade, North Eveleigh 11kV Relocation. The benefits of Power Supply Upgrade Program will support the introduction of air conditioned trains into service, provide additional power to operate trains on the network, improve service reliability by reducing the risk of disruption to rail services.

North West Crossing Loop Extension
Client: North West Rail Link

The $8.3 billion North West Rail Link is Australia's largest public transport infrastructure project currently under construction and a priority rail project for the NSW Government. The project will deliver eight new railway stations and 4,000 commuter car parking spaces to Sydney's growing North West. The North West Rail Link will deliver, for the first time, a reliable public transport service to a region which has the highest car ownership levels per household in Australia. The project includes construction of twin 15 km tunnels from Bella Vista to Epping - Australia's longest rail tunnels. This contract was awarded in late June 2013. The North West Rail Link is expected to be open to customers by the end of 2019.

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"..your quiet determination and purposeful approach added significantly to our end result. Please accept my sincere thanks for your contribution."

Austin R Bryan Director 3G Products & Services Hutchison Telecommunications

"blueVisions' leadership inspired confidence across the team and their approach to 2nd round tenders saved Qantas one month on the project and significant cost."

Joy Fuller Qantas

"blueVisions provided consistent leadership and direction. Their attention to detail was most noticeable. All activities were well thought out and well executed; they were always two steps ahead"

Robert Long Qantas Development Manager

"blueVisions consultant's vast knowledge of project management, variations, EOT`s and extras have been a big help especially to me. Her role between Cercol Construction and the Education Training Department is also very impressive, by actively chasing information and require explanations for all Variations. This makes my role easy!"

Mark Bennett ETD/SCW

"Management has been easy to get along with and has always had the interest of the client at heart."

Aldo Cantori Project Director of Leighton Contractors

"I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow's presentation on the topic of Emotional Intelligence at the recent Risk Leadership in Complex Project Management Convention in Sydney. This presentation, delivered at the end of the conference was, I felt, the 'icing on the cake'. Dominic's dynamic and engaging style held the audience captive; his message of Emotional Intelligence being key to one's success is a powerful one which all should heed."

Ed Blow Managing Director of Nielsen - Wurster Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

"Across the services I have been extremely pleased with the performance of blueVisions. Their professionalism and dedication has been above and beyond the expectations of Hutchison. Through organisational, project specific reviews and specific project management training provided by blueVisions, improvement to overall project management practices has been achieved and follow on project improvements have been realised."

Malcolm McKenzie Manager of Project Delivery Hutchison Telecoms

"blueVisions has provided excellent service in a cooperative manner."

Kevin Hays Senior Project Manager RTA