Power Projects

Belmore Park Zone Substation
Client: Energy Australia

Project Description
The Project involves the construction of the Belmore Park Zone Substation between Campbell Street, Pitt Street and Hay Street. The substation building consists of three basement levels, ground floor plus five floors. The zone substation is equipped with five transformers and a multi-section busbar enabling 132kV interconnection between the Haymarket Bulk Supply Point (BSP), the City South and Rose Bay zone substations and the Riley Street subtransmission switching station (STSS). The 132kV cables would be installed in the existing City South Cable Tunnel (CSCT), which runs directly beneath Campbell Street at a depth of 19 meters. A shaft and stub tunnel connection from Belmore Park Zone Substation would facilitate access to the CSCT to enable up to eight new feeders to be connected at the substation. The zone substation would act as a central point for the 11kV distribution network in the southern Sydney CBD.

blueVisions' Role

In addition to undertaking design review & providing site supervision, blueVisions was also responsible for the preparation of a strategic programme for Belmore Park Zone Substation for the client Enerserve (later Ausgrid). The programme identified the two options for project delivery:

  • Option 1: Stand alone covering the whole area
  • Option 2: Transformers N/S orientation double loaded (cooling tower)

After the award of contract and before project completion, Bluevisions was engaged by Ausgrid to assess Extension of Time claims. Bluevisions assessed the claims and produced a report, which facilitated the successful settlement and conclusion of the project.

Other Similar Projects

Solomon 1 Power Plant
Client: Fortecue Metal Group

Solomon Hub is an open-cut ore mine, 60 km north of Tom Price in Western Australia, fully owned by Fortescue Metal Group (FMG). The project included Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of the turbines and all Balance of Plant (earthworks, various housing buildings, piping, cabling, tanks, foundations, roads, pipe bridges etc). Bluevisions was responsible for preparation of Tender programme for the EPC Solomon I Power Station project at Pilbara, for United Group ltd (UGL) consisting of six Wartsila reciprocating engines and two GE LM 6000 engines plus all Balance of Plant (BOP) works for this dual fuel power station.

Waddamana Lindisfarne 200kv Transmission line
Client: John Holland

Project entailed the construction of 200 km new transmission line over rugged terrain in the north of Tasmania. blueVisions was commissioned to provide specialised planning services which was successfully achieved and approved by the client.

Zone Substations
Client: Ausgrid

Ausgrid had undertaken a massive capital program of upgrading the power capacity servicing Sydney which included developing a ring of zone substations circling the Sydney CBD, a new tunnel system which transmits the high voltage cables to the new zone substations. blueVisions' responsibility was commissioned to provide specialised planning services for many of these zone substations over 7 years. Design review and site inspections were also under our responsibility.

Beaconsfield West Transmission Zone Substation
Client: Brookfield

Project involved demolition of the existing building and redevelopment of Beaconsfield West 330/132kv Substation from its existing arrangement to a larger and higher capacity substation. blueVisions undertook a review of the design, attended site for the site inspections, assisted Brookfield in preparing a detailed design and construction programme for their tender submission.

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Austin R Bryan Director 3G Products & Services Hutchison Telecommunications

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Joy Fuller Qantas

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Robert Long Qantas Development Manager

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"Management has been easy to get along with and has always had the interest of the client at heart."

Aldo Cantori Project Director of Leighton Contractors

"I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow's presentation on the topic of Emotional Intelligence at the recent Risk Leadership in Complex Project Management Convention in Sydney. This presentation, delivered at the end of the conference was, I felt, the 'icing on the cake'. Dominic's dynamic and engaging style held the audience captive; his message of Emotional Intelligence being key to one's success is a powerful one which all should heed."

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